Check the filterability index of gum arabic


The filterability index is a parameter that allows you to evaluate the ability to filter a liquid matrix. It represents to all effects the determination of the clogging power, in our specific case it is used to check the clogging power of gum arabic when it is added to the wine, the test is conducted on the finished product as it is, to ensure the best possible filterability.

The test is conducted using membranes in mixed cellulose esters with a porosity of 0.65 microns and a diameter of 25 mm.
The times used to measure the filterability of gum arabic are specific times, and respectively:

  •  T1: 110g
  •  T2: 150g
  • T3: 220g
  • T4:300g

The instrument starts the test when the pressurization valve where the sample to be filtered is placed opens. In this way, the filtration system is fed at constant pressure, which contains the filter membrane and a balance that determines the quantity of filtered product. A PC, interfaced with the instrument, will record the quantity of filtered product over time.

At the end, in addition to reporting the filtration trend on a graph, the following parameters are calculated:

-Holding Index (I.F.)

– Modified Colmation Index (I.F.M.)

– Maximum Filterable Volume (Vmax.)

IF>50 colmatante

IF<50 non colmatante


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