Your ally in oenology, food and beverage

We passionately design and produce biotechnologies, adjuvants and additives for the wine, beverage and food sectors.

Innovation and experimentation

Internal laboratory for analysis on raw materials, semi-finished products, blends and other products of our production

Our products

A large catalog of products to support oenology, breweries, the beverage and food industry


From grapes to wine: a complete selection of products for all stages, from fermentation to aging.


A complete line for the transformation of beer throughout the process.


Additives for food. Preservatives, stabilizers and acidity regulators.


Detergents designed for use in the wine and food sector.


Additives for beverage. Preservatives, stabilizers and acidity regulators.


Products for oenology with Bio certification

Certified quality

ISO 22000:2005​
Organic production method
Conformity of organic product
Food Quality and Safety Policy