Export of organic products to the United States


The National Organic Program (NOP) is the legislation that since 2002 regulates the production and labeling of organic products in the United States and is managed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). For some products (wine and products of animal origin) the equivalence agreement provides for restrictions on certain additives and adjuvants which also include regulations for the use of sulphites, in detail:

  • The exclusive use of gaseous sulfur dioxide as a source of sulphites (potassium metabisulfite or other sulphites other than sulfur are not allowed)
  • Maximum limit of sulphites of 100 mg / l

The use of sulfur dioxide in liquefied cylinders under pressure can be difficult to manage for operators with little experience and without adequate equipment and preparation there is a higher risk in the use of sulphites in this format than with other methods. In addition to certain quantities purchased, the legislation also imposes precise storage provisions, employee training and the necessary authorizations required by current legislation.

How, however, to overcome this constraint for those who export organic to the United States?

PURO 5 is a 5% aqueous solution of sulfur dioxide, pure, without other forms of sulphites, which can therefore be used for the sulphiting of products intended for export to the United States and compliant with NOP regulations; more practical in use and storage.

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