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In oenology, activated carbon is a useful tool for correcting colors that are too heavy, wines stained due to errors during the racking operations, shades of color due to oxidation, from must to wine. Enocarb-One is an activated vegetable carbon with a very high bleaching power.
Enocarb-One is able to interact quickly with the coloring substances of wines thanks to the strong adsorbing power towards high molecular weight constituents such as polyphenols, the selected quality of the raw material allows a high degree of absorption even at low dosages. The contact times of Enocarb-One are very short as it discolours quickly and settles within a few hours.

Prima carbone

Tests were carried out in the laboratory which made it possible to compare the action of Enocarb-One with two of the coals most marketed by the competition.
Spectrophotometric analyzes highlight how Enocarb-One is able to absorb coloring substances more.

Dopo carbone

Enocarb-One is also available in pellets, if you want to avoid the spread of dust during use.

Test with wine

ENOCARBONE 0,034 0,038 0,022
CARBONE 1 0,073 0,07 0,056
CARBONE 2 0,04 0,025 0,05

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