Research and development

Internal laboratory for analysis on raw materials, semi-finished products, blends and other products of our production

Measurement of stability and control of quality standards

Measure the shelf-life or the “life and commercial stability” of raw materials, check the quality standard of semi-finished products and blends in order to guarantee an optimal product before marketing based on the legal limits or specific needs of its customers. Over the years, the laboratory has expanded its analytical activities, adding cutting-edge tools, as the aim that the Company Management has been aiming for for years is to offer an increasingly safe and controlled product.

Specialists in the production of Gum Arabica

Most of the analyzes concern the production of Gum Arabica which it imports directly from producing countries. The Gum Arabica solution obtained after the various processing stages, before being packaged and marketed, is subjected to various analytical checks by the internal laboratory such as: turbidity, filterability or filling index, color, dry extract, density, pH , acidity, percentage of stabilizers present, microbiological and purity requirements, organoleptic tests.