Complex Gum 3.0

Microfiltered and purified solution of Seyal gum arabic and pure mannoproteins. Complex Gum 3.0 binds strongly to the aromatic substances in wine and enhances the fruity and varietal notes. It provides volume in the mouth and ensures aromatic persistence by having positive effects on the organoleptic quality of white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

Packaging and storage

500 g aluminum polybags.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Warning: do not use bentonite at the same time so as not to nullify the addition of Lysozyme. Do not use metatartaric acid in a wine treated with Lysozyme to avoid the risk of cloudiness. Pay particular attention in general to the addition of Lysozyme in the days before bottling: there is a risk of unwanted flocculation in red wines.


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