Design, production and marketing of biotechnologies, adjuvants and additives for the wine, beverage and food sectors.

Established in 1981 in the heart of “VIGNETO ITALIA”, due to its dynamic and intense activity in the field of wine research and evolution, it soon pursued objectives of gradual and constant growth, always with a view to “customer satisfaction”, crossing the regional borders to become a national and European reference company.


In Caldari, on the initiative of Mr. Tommaso, was born in the field of Enoculture, the De Luca company .


In the post-war period, the activity was continued and increased by Mr. Elvezio, father of the current De Luca brothers, who, with an entrepreneurial spirit, gave life to the company “DE LUCA ELVEZIO & C. – Wine and Fruit and Vegetable Products Trade “.


Thanks to the sons, the company transforms the object of its trade from the wine sector to wine products , effectively founding the “essedielle sas dei F.lli De Luca”.


With the 3rd generation De Luca, essedielle celebrates its 30th year of activity.


essedielle celebrates its 40th year of activity.

Over 35 years of success achieved thanks to the experience handed down by his father Elvezio and increased over the years by the current heirs. Today, essedielle boasts a range of products with a high standard both in quality and reliability, achieved thanks to a young and dynamic staff, which is supported by thirty years of experience in the sector. Human resources are joined by a total area of 9000 m2 and a structure of 1800 m2 between offices, warehouses and production department , which boasts a modern plant for the production of gum arabic.

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