What we do

Design, production and commercialization of biotechnology, adjuvants and additives for the wine, beverage and food industries.

Our mission is to provide our sectors with state-of-the-art products and technologies that ensure low environmental impact, optimal use of energy resources, reduced water consumption and decreased pollutant emissions.

For more than 40 years at your side

More than 40 years of success achieved thanks to the experience handed down by father Elvezio and increased over the years by the current heirs.

Today essedielle boasts a range of products with a high standard in both quality and reliability, achieved thanks to a young and dynamic staff, which is complemented by forty years of experience in the field.

The human resources are complemented by a total area of 11000 square meters and a facility of 2300 square meters including offices, warehouses and production department, which boasts a modern gum arabic production plant.

Our history


When it all started

In Caldari, thanks to the initiative of Mr. Tommaso De Luca, the De Luca Company was founded. In the beginning, the company specialized in the distribution of bulk wine, meticulously stored in traditional wooden barrels, and the supply of table grapes. These early products represented the core of the business, outlining an offering that reflected Mr. De Luca’s ardent commitment to authentically and with dedication meeting the needs of local customers.


In the heart of Pescara, precisely on Corso Manthoné, a venue dedicated to the sale of bulk wine in barrels and table grapes comes to life. This initiative is of significant importance, as it allows the family to get in touch with different realities outside the region, facilitating the exploration of various wineries and dialogue with numerous experts.



The expansion

As a result of the contacts developed through the store located on Corso Manthoné, the need to expand the business to meet the increasing demands of a growing customer base is increasingly emerging.

For this reason, in the post-war period, the company was continued and expanded by Elvezio De Luca, father of the current owner. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he gave birth to the company “DE LUCA ELVEZIO & C. – Trading Wines and Fruit and Vegetable Products”.


By the work of the three sons, the firm transformed the object of its trade from the wine sector to wine products, effectively founding “essedielle sas by F.lli De Luca.”




essedielle is run by a single partner, Mario De Luca, carrying on the business that now boasts three generations of experience. Change logo, change identity.


essedielle celebrates its 40th year in business with Mario De Luca, the current sole shareholder. At the same time, with proud pride, he looks back on 175 years of the De Luca family’s dedication to responding with passion and quality to the ever-growing needs of customers.

A value passed on from Tommaso to Elvezio and from Elvezio to Mario.


Our values


We work tirelessly to process the needs and demands of our customers in order to provide products that fully meet their needs.


essedielle is distinguished by the family atmosphere within the company, but also with our customers, partners and suppliers, creating an environment of collaboration and mutual trust.


Through many R&D collaborations, we have strengthened relationships with our historical customers and developed new professional relationships internationally. 

We help you develop your idea.

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