essedielle’s ARABIC GUMS

Over the years essedielle has developed a range of gum Arabic with different characteristics and applications, suitable for every type of need required by our customers.

essedielle’s Arabic gums for enology

essedielle’s flagship product, produced by a patented process. Microfiltered and purified solution of short-chain gum arabic. Added to wines, it prevents turbidity and colloidal-type deposits, causing them to retain all their clarity. It also improves the smoothness and velvetiness of wines, both white and red; it also intervenes in tartaric stability, all without significantly affecting the filterability of wines.

Traditional Stabigum but in Spray Dry form, in instantly soluble powder form. Sulfite-free, it allows a longer product shelf-life.

Specific gum arabic, designed to intervene on the problem of tartaric instability using a 100% natural substance such as gum arabic. Complex Gum has a high stabilizing power against potassium bitartrate as it can break down the conductivity of wines making them stable over time with a very low organoleptic impact.

An evolution of Complex Gum, with the addition of pure Mannoproteins designed to increase its performance. Complex Gum 3.0, in addition to its stabilizing power against bitartrate, binds strongly to the aromatic substances of the wine and enhances its fruity and varietal notes. It provides volume in the mouth and ensures aromatic persistence by having positive effects on the organoleptic quality of white, rosé and sparkling wines.

All the potential of a precious gift of nature, a process designed to maintain all original qualities. Filtered and purified solution of long-chain Kordofan gum arabic. When added to wines, it protects the color from precipitation and considerably improves the smoothness and velvety texture of wines, mitigating the astringent mouthfeel.

Essedielle gum Arabic at the highest possible concentration, acts as a colloidal stabilizer of coloring substances in red wines by protecting the color from precipitation, stabilizing it. With its high concentration it brings body and volume at minimum dosages, with a high detangling power.

The traditional Stabifix in Spray Dry form, in instantly soluble powder form. Sulfite-free, allows longer product shelf-life. It retains protective capabilities against coloring matter and a distinct contribution of body and volume.

Stabifix 3.0 was created to increase the spectrum of activities from the long-chain gum; in addition to increasing the effect of body and softness, the mannoproteins contribute to a general improvement in the coverage of instabilities, whether color or slight tartaric instabilities.

essedielle gums for food/beverage sector

A product conforming to use in the food/beverage sector. Sourced exclusively from Acacia Senegal cultivars, it is a gum that is pulverized after a process of cleaning from the impurities present. With no other ingredients, additives or processes that change its characteristics: 100% Arabica gum of selected origin.

essedielle gums for beer sector

Arabic gum specifically for use in the beer sector. Of Acacia senegal origin, it allows a significant increase in foam stability and persistence, helping to give beer volume and body.

The BIO range

Raw materials from Organic farming for the essedielle Bio range, without changing the characteristics and technological performance of the conventional range.

Gum arabic from Acacia seyal, microfiltered and non-clogging. It intervenes in the stability of the wine from unwanted precipitation, tartaric or case, giving smoothness and longevity to the aromas.

Gum arabic from Acacia senegal, with a non-invasive processing maintains all its peculiar characteristics: an excellent protection from precipitation of coloring matter, the ability to bring roundness and volume.

Designed for tartaric instabilities, without changing the sensory characteristics of the wine in any way. A cheaper alternative to cold treatments, more natural than using chemicals.