essedielle deals with design, production, and marketing of biotechnology, adjuvants, and additives in oenological, beverage and food industry. Founded in 1981 in the heart of “Italy Vineyard”, due to its dynamic and intense activity in oenological research and evolution field, soon pursued goals of gradual and constant growth, aiming at “customer satisfaction”, crossing regional borders in order to become a leading company in Italy and Europe. Young, structured and organized following the most up to date criteria: fair industrial price for enological quality production, focus on the customer’s needs, care for the packaging, the speed of our service without forgetting the continuous technological research. In this context, since 2006, it has equipped a new plant for the production of microfiltered liquid Gum Arabic.

Our story

The firm De Luca was born in the wine culture in Caldari, in 1876 thanks to the initiative of Mr. Tommaso. In the postwar period and precisely in 1946 the company was carried on and increased by Mr. Elvezio, father of the current De Luca’s brothers, who, with an entrepreneurial mindset, has established the company “Elvezio De Luca & C. – Trade wines, fruit, and vegetables”. In 1981, through the work of his sons, the firm changed the object of their trades from the wine sector to oenological products thus founding “essedielle s.a.s by F.lli De Luca”.
In 2011, with the third generation, essedielle celebrates 30 years in business. 35 years full of successes achieved thanks to the experience handed down from father Elvezio and increased over the years by the current heirs. Nowadays essedielle boasts a range of high standard products in both quality and reliability, obtained by a young and dynamic team alongside thirty years of experience in the industry.
The human resources are added to a total area of 9000 square meters and a building of 1800 square meters of offices, warehouses, and production department, which boasts a modern plant for the production of Gum Arabic.


essedielle is equipped with an internal chemical laboratory in order to perform analysis on raw materials, semi-finished products/blendings, and other products manufactured by our company.  Measuring the shelf life or “life and commercial stability” of raw materials, checking the quality standard of semifinished products and mixtures in order to guarantee an optimal product prior to the release according to the limits of law or to the specific needs of our costumers. During the years the laboratory has expanded its analytical activities integrating tools in the forefront, as the aim pursued for years by the Company Management is offering a safer and more controlled product.
Most of the analysis affect the production of Gum Arabic, which essedielle imports directly from the producing countries. The Gum Arabic solution obtained from the different phases of processing, before being packaged and marketed, is submitted to various analytical checks by the internal laboratory such as: turbidity, filterability index or clogging, color, dry extract, density, pH , acidity, percentage of stabilizers present, microbiological quality and purity, organoleptic tests, etc.